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Tempe Society, Enjoy

Be nice, peace, some love, unity, and most of all respect

Tempe Society
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Well this community is for all those who live in Tempe, Arizona(or surrounding areas like Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Avondale, etc. etc. etc.) and want to meet other LJers, find someone to hang out with on Friday night, or simply somewhere else to post besides their journal.

This is no longer a closed community. If you so happen to be one of those banned members, expect a prompt banning amongst other things.

Sorry for the delay, as i (the moderator) was without internet access for the longest time, and my natural laziness took over. This shall be countered next time by me handing the reigns over to someone who matters.

Members are more than welcome to email me a snippet to add to the community info if they so choose, sort of like a graffiti tag on the community wall.

Rawk on...